Thanks to all our 2014 participants and sponsors--see you next year!

Your team of Adventurers will explore “downtown” Wilton Manors, attempting to discover and document landmarks and historical sites--using clues, and vintage photos from the 1940s-1980s.
Saturday, January 25th, 2014 - 9 a.m. to noon

A FUNdraiser sponsored by the
-- with proceeds going toward the restoration of the Willingham Carriage House at Richardson Historic Park

Keen observation skills, a sense of humor, and the cleverness we expect of all residents and visitors will be required.  The Historical Society suggests you read the new book, Wilton Manors: From Farming Community to Urban Village, to gain an advantage!

Your Team of Players will need to answer a series of clues by finding answers or taking photos of the "proofs" as fast as you can-together. The Team with the most correct answers and the fastest time wins.

WHEN? - Saturday January 25th. Registration starts at 9:00 a.m. Beat the crowds by coming early to register. If you purchase tickets in advance, be sure to have your ticket (or online receipt) and completed Registration Form in-hand when you come to register! While we have been assured that no one is going to rain on this parade, a "rain date" of February 1st has been set-just in case. We'll post a notice here if we have to cancel on January 25th.

WHERE? - We start and end at Richardson Park, 1937 Wilton Drive.  Your first task is to find the registration desk. Mess that up, and you don't stand a chance. There will be signs.

PARKING? - Parking is free until 6 p.m. on Saturdays at both the Hagen Park (2020 Wilton Drive) and Richardson Historic Park (1937 Wilton Drive) lots - no worries.

TEAMS? - We recommend you form a Team of 3-4 Players in advance.  However, if you can't collar any interested cohorts, show up anyway!  We'll team you up with other enthusiastic adventurers! This is a great opportunity to meet new folks. And while you may be at a disadvantage, just a two-some will work too.  If you are under 12, you must bring along a person who claims to be a responsible adult, and who buys a ticket for themselves.  Reminder: each Team needs to have a digital camera or smart phone to take photos!

PAY TO PLAY? - Tickets are $10 per person in advance and $15 per person the day of the event. Children under 12 years of age, and accompanied by their paid adult, are free.  Click here or the link at the top of the page to purchase tickets online, or get them at the Hagen Park Community Center reception desk (2020 Wilton Drive).  Each Player (or an adult for children under 12) will also need to complete a Registration Form before they can join in the fun. To make things easy for you click here or the link at the top of the page and you can complete the form online, print it, sign it, then bring it with you the day of the event   Your ticket purchase is actually a donation to the Wilton Manors Historical Society; so sorry, but there are no refunds. The good part is that proceeds will benefit the restoration of the Willingham Carriage House at Richardson Historic Park.

HOW DOES THIS WORK? - Teams will assemble at Richardson Historic Park. The Hunt Organizers will provide your Team a quick orientation, and then give you your sealed CLUE ENVELOPE and mark down your start time. The first Teams are expected to leave at 9:30 a.m.  In the sealed CLUE ENVELOPE, your Team will receive: the Rules, a Map of the play area, a list of the Clues and what is needed as the Answer or "Proof for each Clue, and an Answer Sheet. Your Team is then off to the hunt!  

AND WHEN ARE WE FINISHED? - When you have answered all the Clues and obtained your Proofs, your Team will return at breakneck speed to Richardson Historic Park Pavilion (remember, time matters). There the team’s ANSWER SHEET and PROOFS will be scored by our highly-qualified ClueMasters. In the event you don't answer all the Clues or get all the Proofs, don't be dismayed, you may still be eligible for a prize. So be sure to come back to the park anyway. Also note, regardless of when your Team started, you must be back at Richardson Historic Park by 11:15 a.m. if you want to compete for the prizes.

IS THERE MORE? - Courtyard Cafe and Red's Bar will host an After-Party Snack for all the Teams who manage to find their way back to Richardson Historic Park. And there will be Prizes for the best Teams (in addition to bragging rights for winning); including gift certificates ($100, $50, $25) from local businesses. You will also have the opportunity to purchase the Historical Society's book, Wilton Manors: From Farming Community to Urban Village, or a very-stylish tote bag showing your support for the Historical Society and Friends of Richardson Historic Park and Nature Preserve.

WHAT TO BRING? -  One member must have a digital camera or a phone camera.  You may want to bring a pen or highlighter and wear comfortable footwear.  It may be helpful, but not required, to have: one of the history books about Wilton Manors, the Wilton Manors Business Directory, your own map of the area, and/or a smart phone/tablet with internet access. The history books can be purchased from the Richard C. Sullivan Public Library of Wilton Manors at 500 NE 26 Street (or checked out) and are: Images of America series Wilton Manors, Florida by Cynthia Thuma or Wilton Manors- From Farming Community to Urban Village by Benjamin B. Little.

CAN'T WAIT TO READ ALL THE RULES AND LEGALESE? - Well, here they are in a suitable fine print font:

1.  Your Team must stay together and will travel only by foot (no bikes, no Segways, no scooters, no electric carts, etc.).  Motorized wheelchairs are permitted for handi-capable participants.

 2.  You can use external resources to answer the Clues, i.e. the library, internet, books, smartphones, etc.

 3.  Each Clue will require a Proof of Answer. Proofs will require one or more photo or written responses. The Answer Sheet will instruct you as to the type(s) of Proof required.

 4. When the Proof is a photo, then ALL THE TEAM MEMBERS MUST APPEAR IN THE PHOTO EXCEPT FOR THE ONE MEMBER TAKING THE PHOTO. ALL THE PROOF PHOTOS MUST RESIDE ON ONE DEVICE. You cannot have some of your photo Proofs on one camera and some on another Team member's camera device.

 5. Each Clue has been assigned a Point Value for a correct Answer. You will not be told what that is in advance. That's because some Clues require multiple answer Proofs. Points will be awarded for every correct answer/Proof you have for each Clue. To clarify, there may be a total of 10 Clues to answer, but there will be perhaps 28 possible Points to earn.


 7. The team with the greatest number of points is the 1st Prize Winner.  If there is a tie, then the Team with the best time wins.  If there is still at tie, it will be broken based upon the answer(s) to a “sudden death” tie-breaker question(s). 2nd and 3rd Place Teams will be determined in a similar manner.

 8.  The Historical Society will be the final arbiter on disputed answers.

Have Questions or Comments? Contact:
 Adrienne Foland,  954-205-6594