2013 - The First Annual Wilton Manors Scavenger Hunt

Looking for your car keys?  Sun glasses?  Well,  on Saturday afternoon, January 26th there were 46 people on 12 teams looking for answers to clues at the Wilton Manors Scavenger Hunt.  The participants ranged in age between 5 and 73 years old!  And the weather was the sort that our chambers of commerce spend fortunes on reporting to friends and relatives in the frozen north.  

What is the address of the first house sold in Wilton Manors?  Where on Wilton Drive is there a rendition of the Willingham Towers?  What was Hagen's, of Hagen Park, first name?  How many Moons are there on Wilton Drive?  Specifics, please, and pictures of you in front of your answers!

Organized by Adrienne Foland, a Director of the Wilton Manors Historical Society, the 12 teams were provided with "clues" which had to be solved.  Departure times, starting at 1:00 pm, from Hagen Park were noted and arrival times back at Richardson Historic Park also recorded.  The team with the most correct answers and shortest time won.  Many of the clues required "photographic" proof. 

The event was organized by the Wilton Manors Historical Society and the Wilton Manors Development Alliance, as a fund raiser for the Historical Society's work on the Willingham Carriage House at Richardson Historic Park, and WMDA's efforts with the Children's Art Project.  It was an effective fund raiser.  More important, the participants thought it was a lot of fun.  One team, which only had a single player who lived in Wilton Manors, asked random people on the street for help and was very impressed with how friendly folks in Wilton Manors are.  And, the random people had good answers!  A family event, it provided all the participants with the sense that Wilton Manors has both history and is its own place.

A perfect score, achieved by two teams, was 35.  The Wilton Dolphins, Shoshana Shafran, Marlene Marante, and Heidi Shafran finished the course in 54 minutes!  The Category Five Team, of Denise Melanson, Carol Whitman, and Danna Bhaggan also had a perfect score, and finished in 90 minutes.  Third place went to the SFGN Super Snoopers, with 34 points at 60 minutes.  They were an enthusiastic John Fugate, Mike Trottier, Ryan Dixon, and Edwin Neiman.  Good Wilton Hunting (with Massachusetts connections) also had 34 points and finished in 94 minutes.  Rita and Gary Silverman, Anne French, and Sherri Miller know their stuff.  You can click here, or the link at the top of the page to see glam-images of all these teams receiving their prizes!

In fact, everyone was a winner--it was a nice Saturday afternoon for a walk, a chance to stretch the intellect, and to chat with some nice people.  How could one not be cheering for the "The Klue-dashians", "Pirates of the Middle River", and  "Hunty- Boo-Boo"?

Gift certificates for the prize winners were provided by good friends of Wilton Manors, Rosie's Restaurant, To The Moon Marketplace, Tropics Restaurant, and Barton and Miller Cleaners, respectively. 

The IberiaBank and Michael Pastorino manned a "Hint Station" at the north end of the Drive for those who needed hints, and/or water.

The Courtyard Cafe stepped up to provide a great lunch, salad, sandwiches, and deep fried veggies at Richardson Park and the end, including better tater tots than mother ever made.  Beer (courtesy of Red's Bar), wine, and sangria were in evidence!  Support of the City from merchants and residents is a seventy year old tradition in Wilton Manors.  We are a better place because of it.

Adrienne Foland and Krishan Manners provided organization.  Mary and Ron Ulm, with Paul Kuta, provided clues as well as the major heavy lifting that an event of this nature inevitably requires. 

Adrienne Foland advises folks to be watching for clues about next year's "Hunt."